When planning for your party or event, many people consider a comedian for their entertainment.  Has the thought of a COMEDY HYPNOSIS SHOW ever crossed your mind?  Before considering a comedian, realize that Bob's hypnosis comedian shows are a great alternative. His performance consists of audience participation and is a hilarious, unforgettable and fantastic experience for the audience as well as those hypnotized. 

Hypnotism has mystified people for ages, but few have mastered the craft as well as Bob Hein. He will lead his subjects on a fascinating adventure through the depths of the mind while thoroughly captivating his audience. His fun filled shows are a very entertaining mixture of comedy and hypnosis. 

His performances are characterized by his fast paced, dynamic use of hypnotic suggestion.  He will often be starting a new hypnotism stunt before the audience has stopped laughing from the previous stunt. Bob’s shows are professional and always in good taste, respecting both his volunteers and audience. The typical response from his audiences is amazement and laughter often to the point they laugh so hard some have to wipe the tears from their eyes. 

Bob has been a professional stage hypnotist for more than 30 years.  His audiences range from high schools to colleges, private parties to corporations, cub scouts to senior citizens and churches to penitentiaries.  He will target his performances to the nature of your function, be it scholastic, social or corporate.  Bob is looking forward to entertaining your group with a remarkable performance that will be treasured for a lifetime.


Proms/After Proms - Colleges/Universities - Bar/Bat Mitzvahs - Corporations - Reunions - Professional Organization - Business Meetings - Holiday Parties - Graduation Parties - Fund Raisers - Volunteer Fire Departments - Womens Clubs - Religious Groups - Private Parties - Bowling Leagues - Picnics

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